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Icons, Headers, and F-O banners

It's been forever since I've posted icons, hasn't it?

Regardless, I have a few Python icons I made for pythonlims, two journal headers (one from Spamalot), and a few Friend's only banners. I also have a bunch of icons from A Fish Called Wanda, but I only iconed the first half of the movie. I'll do the rest later.


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LoZ - Zelda

[Multi-Fandom icons] 5 Memoirs of a Geisha, 9 Monty Python, Princess Bride, 8 Wicked

A made a couple of icons from a few different fandoms. I recently watched The Princess Bride and decided that I had to make icons, so there's a bunch there, and several Monty Python as can be expected from me.


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13 King Arthur (2004) icons; 17 Monty Python and the Holy Grail icons; Eric Idle colourbar

I found some stills of King Arthur, which was a lovely movie (historical inaccuracies and plotholes aside) and makes for very lovely icons. And somehow I find it hard to post King Arthur icons without, for sheer humor purposes, uploading Monty Python and the Holy Grail icons (most of which feature quotes). There's also an Eric Idle colourbar, but I don't think it turned out as good as I hoped.


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I don't usually do requests, but sometimes I get into a creative slump. You can thereby take advantage of this by making a request.

What you're requesting: (friends only banner, colorbar, header, icon, etc.)
Picture(s) to be used: (colorbars need at least four or five, but it helps to have more options; for text icons you may leave blank or link a texture)
Text: (if you want none, you may leave this blank)
Font: (if you don't care, leave it blank)
sharable: (whether you want other people to be able to use you graphics)

These options apply only to friends only banners and headers
Width: (if you don't care or want it to be the same width as the picture, leave blank)
Height: (if you don't care or want it to be the same height as the picture, leave blank)

These options apply only to colorbars
Border style: (white border, black border, black border with white space in between)
Color style: (gradient color, block color, color as-is, no color)
Image size: (leave blank if you want all images in bar to be 100x100 size)
Text style: (attatched to image or seperate and color if attatched)
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5 Spamalot icons, 4 colourbars, 2 FO banners, 1 Journal Banner; 4 Michael Palin colour bars

I found some images from the Broadway showing of Spamalot. I didn't find a lot, but I thought I'd use what I could find. If anyone knows where I can find more pictures from the actual show, please let me know. :)

I'm thinking of doing quote icons from the songs, because some of them are witty...and others are just just insanely silly.


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